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Critters of the Lembeh Strait | Sex, Muck & Rock ‘n’ Roll 2017 Part 2

In the second part of “Sex, Muck & Rock ‘n’ Roll” some unusual mating behaviors are featured, starring blue-ring octopus, wunderpus, coconut octopus and also flamboyant …

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Sex, Muck and Rock ‘n’ Roll – Part II

Rock ‘n’ roll in Lembeh where the cuttlefish are copulating, the frogfish are frolicking and it’s getting a bit steamy in the Strait! Welcome to the Critter Capital of the World where it’s all about the sex, the muck and …

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Sex, Muck & Rock ‘n’ Roll 2017 – Video Part 1

Rock ‘n’ roll? The Lembeh Strait has to be one of the funkiest and punkiest places to dive on the planet when it comes to rock ‘n’ roll style critters.

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Sex, Muck and Rock and Roll – Part I

The Lembeh Strait can rival even the biggest rock legend’s after party when it comes to sex, muck and rock and roll!!

Sex in the Lembeh Strait? Oh yes, the critters in Lembeh aren’t always discreet when it comes to making …

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Critters of the Lembeh Strait | The Hairy Frogfish (Antennarius striatus)

The hairy frogfish (Antennarius striatus) has a rounded body and its skin is covered with spinules resembling hairs. These spinules can be copious and long or very short and almost invisible. As with all frogfish, its expandable mouth allows it …

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