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Lembeh Resort Employee of the month!

The famous diving in the Lembeh Strait has opened new options for people from all over North Sulawesi. Our employee of …

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Which Species are Most Important to “Muck” Divers? – Pilot Case Study

Greetings from Lembeh Strait! My name is Maarten, I am a marine biologist, dive instructor, amateur underwater photographer, biology teacher and PhD-candidate at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia. …

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Tuesday Tips & Techniques from Photo Pro Sascha Janson #25

On select Tuesdays, Cameras@Lembeh Resort – the first and only dedicated photo & video center in Lembeh Strait with full time on site photo pro – will feature Tips and Techniques by Photo Pro Sascha Janson. Sascha will offer up …

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Eye Spy a Little Eye – Part II

In the magical underwater world of the Lembeh Strait adaptability is king! In this second installment of “Eye Spy a Little Eye” we will marvel at the the mysteries and incredible adaptations made to the eyes of our special little …

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Eye Spy a Little Eye – Part I

The underwater world is magnificent in all aspects, especially when it comes to how the inhabitants of that world perceive it!

What we see with our mundane human eyes is a result of three photoreceptors that can see red, green and …

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