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Outstanding Employee of the Month!

Did you ever wonder who made those wonderful little decorations in your Cottage?

Arafik is 22 years old and has been with us here at Lembeh Resort for only one year but in this time he has already showed an extraordinary …

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In The Muck

“Do you ever meet a dive master that can identify all the critters you saw on the dive by their latin and common names?”  View Shiloh Jackson’s trip report here


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Lembeh Gulen Critter Shootout – 20th – 28th May 2016

The first ever International shootout is coming and this is an event not to be missed! This epic competition takes place not just in two different countries, but on two different continents, in two different hemispheres with contestants going head…

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Things That Go Bump In the Night – Part II

Patrick Villaume – Without a doubt, diving at night is something extraordinary! It’s adventurous, especially for divers not yet used to it, and some might feel anxious, back rolling into blackness. But soon you realise that there is something magical, …

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Critters of the Lembeh Strait | Episode 08 – 2015 | Things that go bump in the night – Part 1

Have you ever done a UV night dive? In part one of our series, “Things That Go Bump in the Night”, you can see bizarre and unexpected things glowing, and no one knows yet why they do it but the …

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