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50 Dives In Critter Heaven

July 5, 2014

We had two weeks here and 50 dives in critter heaven where zebra, pygmy and hairy seem to get attached to almost everything. We had many firsts including creatures we never knew existed, often seeing 3 – 4 new things on a dive.

I (Rox) have a particular fascination with anglerfish (or frogfish more colloquially known here!). In Sydney we have maybe three or four species; but here we saw an incredible number of different types. Scarlet, Painted, Hispid, Warty, Randall’s (wow factor x 10) and around but not seen include the Giant and the Striped. The amazing staff even extracted a brave little Sargassum anglerfish amongst the flotsam in front of the resort so that we could see our first glimpse of one. Lembeh to us will always be known as the Anglerfish Oasis… Jason’s personal favourite knocked off his wish list was the Halimeda crab, which he saw on his second dive. A big terima kasih to the very knowledgeable and eagle eyed guides for 50 amazing underwater experiences.

Jason Coombs & Roxanne Fea