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Brenda’s Critter “Wish List” Completed!

May 30, 2012

When you arrive here at Lembeh Resort and fill out your paperwork in the Critters@Lembeh Dive Center we also ask you to fill out your ‘Critter Wish List” – a list of any of the animals you would like to see on your dive holiday.  This list is passed on to our Dive Guides who use this list to customize your dive experience with us.  Throughout your stay the Dive Guides will cross critters off your list as they are found for you.  This past week, Brenda Blackburn, a repeat guest with us, had her wish list completed.  This happens quite frequently, but Brenda had a particularly tall order, including the rather rare Hairy Shrimp.  Not only did Dive Guide Oxin manage to find her that shrimp, he found one carrying eggs as well!  In addition to this amazingly tiny shrimp, Iwan also found her two Saron shrimp, which were high on her list.   Brenda also left with pictures of some other great critters, ranging from hairy frogfish, pygmy seahorse, to an amazing juvenile Randall’s Frogfish.  Thanks to Brenda for sharing her images with us!