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Mimic Octopus, Thaumoctopus mimicus, Sascha Janson, Critters@Lembeh Lembeh Resort, Lembeh Strait Indonesia 2016

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Hairy Frogfish, Antennarius striatus, Sascha Janson, Critters@Lembeh Lembeh Resort, Lembeh Strait Indonesia 2016
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Harlequin Shrimp, Hymenocera elegans, Sascha Janson, Critters@Lembeh Lembeh Resort, Lembeh Strait Indonesia 2016
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Rhinopias, Rhinopias frondosa, Sascha Janson, Critters@Lembeh Lembeh Resort, Lembeh Strait Indonesia 2016
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Coconut Octopus, Amphioctopus marginatus,Sascha Janson, Critters@Lembeh Lembeh Resort, Lembeh Strait Indonesia 2016




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Experience Lembeh

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Photo Center FAQS

Photo Center FAQS

Do you rent cameras and housings?

Yes, we have a range of underwater photo systems available for you to rent, with daily, 4-day, or weekly rates available:

  • Canon S120 Point & Shoot Camera (incl.1 strobe & diopter)
  • Olympus PEN mini E-PM1 Micro 4/3 System (Olympus PEN E-PM1 incl. 1 strobe & diopter)
  • DSLR Cameras (NIKON D100, NIKON D200 or Canon 7D Mark II with 2 strobes each)
  • HD Video System (SONY HDR-CX550 in Bluefin Housing with 2 SOLA 1200’s)
  • DSLR Video System (CANON 7D Mark II in SUBAL housing/ 2 SOLA 4000 LED lights

Do you have accessories & other components available for rent?

Yes. Some of these include:

  • Electronic flash/strobe
  • Sync Cords
  • LED Video Light (SOLA 1200/SOLA 4000/i-Torch Pro6+/i-Torch Pro7)
  • 60mm macro lens (CANON/ NIKKOR)
  • 100mm macro lens (CANON EF)
  • 10-17 lens (Tokina for CANON)
  • Kenko 1.4x Teleconverter for Canon
  • 12-24 NIKKOR WA Zoom
  • 5 Nikkor fisheye
  • Macro Diopter (INON UCL 165/SubSee+5/+10)
  • Ultralight arms (2 Arms & 3 clamps)

Do you have accessories & other components available for sale?

Yes. Some of these include:

  • Macro Diopter (INON UCL 165 / SubSee +5 / SubSee +10 / Nauticam SMC)
  • SD & micro SD cards
  • Rechargeable batteries (Eneloops)

I want a flip-mount for my diopter. Do you have them?

Yes. You can either rent or buy flip-mounts which are custom-made onsite by our Photo Pro.

Do you offer underwater photography / video courses?

Yes. Our Photo Pro can custom-design a course in underwater photography or videography that will target your needs, interests, and experience level. Courses are normally done one-on-one so you get the most out of your individualized sessions.

Do I have to skip dives if I do a photo course?

No. We can schedule your course at a time convenient to you and in such a way that it will not interfere with your diving schedule.

Does the Photo Pro dive with me as part of the course?

Normally the instruction takes place on land, then you go practice what you have learned on a few dives together with your usual dive guide, and then come back to the Photo Centre for the second part of the course – reviewing your images or videos to see what you did well and what can be improved. Our dive guides are all photo trained – they can help you with little things underwater like where to shoot from etc.

How long does the photo course take?

Our most popular course takes place over two separate sessions of about 60-75 minutes each, but we welcome requests for customized longer or shorter courses to suit your needs.

Do you offer video courses?

Yes. Our Photo Pro specializes in underwater video and can help you with all stages of the video-making process, from filming, tips on how to capture interesting behavior, and how to organize and edit your footage into a sleek, entertaining video.

I'm having trouble organizing/ sorting my images – can you help?

Yes. We offer instruction in how to best organize, sort and store your images or video so that instead of taking home an overwhelming jumble of photos you will never look at again, you will have a system where you can easily locate and edit your favourites for sharing with friends or family.

I just have a point-and-shoot camera. The Photo Centre is for people with big cameras, right?

Wrong. Point and shoot cameras can capture great images too – talk to our Photo Pro to find out how a diopter lens, a different light, a course or simply changing a setting can transform your images from blah to wow!

What about Photoshop, Lightroom or Final Cut Pro X?

No matter whether you are an experienced user of these programs or a complete beginner, we can customize a course in how to get the most out of these important, but often insufficiently understood tools.

Help! My camera/strobe/housing etc. isn't working properly – can anything be done?

Yes! Our Photo Pro has a degree in electrical systems, has years of experience in fixing baulky, broken or flooded photography gear and can conduct many repairs on-site.

I want to buy a new camera – can you help?

Yes – we work together with a camera shop in Manado which, while not offering a vast selection, has many different cameras in stock at competitive prices should you wish to buy a new camera while you are here.

What languages are spoken at Cameras@Lembeh Resort?

Our Photo Pro speaks fluent English and German.

Do you have any photo workshops coming up?

Yes, there’s a video workshop coming up in July 2017, for more details click here

and there’s our annual Capturing Critters in Lembeh photo workshop, that will take place in December 2017, for more details click here.