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Feels Like I’m Leaving Home


This past week, friend of Lembeh Resort and Critters@Lembeh, Tim Neumann (Soft Lite Studios) returned to Lembeh with some of his friends.

Well it’s time to pack my bags and head for home, but it kind of feels like I’m leaving home at the same time! Once again I have had another wonderful visit with all my friends at Lembeh Resort and Critters@Lembeh. In my book a five star resort in every respect.

I can’t imagine trying to name all of the staff members that were helpful, courteous, or simply went out of their way to offer a genuine smile, I would certainly miss someone…my heartfelt thanks to you all. It was a privilege to spend time diving with Ramly and Iwan, some of the finest dive guides I know…if you want critters (beyond tiny…) these are your guys! Hopefully the pictures I am leaving with Dimpy (great to see again!) will serve as testament to the diversity of the area, as well as the dive guides expertise in finding all things big and small (very small!).

Thanks the Helen and Gizmo for all they do (and congrats to you both!). And last, but certainly not least, it was awesome to spend time with Kerri and Hergen before they departed onto the next adventure.

Till Next Time!!!!!

Till next time, Tim!

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quote openWonderful guides who greatly exceeded my expectations and made my stay an experience I will never forget. quote closeLESLIE HICKERSONUSA
quote openDefinitivamente um dos melhores lugares do mundo para mergulhar!!! quote closeILKA HAYASHI Brazil
quote openFrom the delicious food to the always cheerful and smiling staff with friendly services. quote closeJASON CHEN and CHLOE Singapore
quote openLembeh is awesome and I can’t wait to return. quote closeJASON BRADLEYUSA
quote openThe diving staff and the resort staff makes your stay the best! quote closeKRISTER RUISMIEMIUmea in North Sweden
quote openThe staff are so friendly and helpful, it’s really hard to say goodbye! quote closePHILIP, SOPHIE & CKTaiwan
quote openLembeh Resort and Critters@Lembeh will make you  feel so welcome. quote closeALEX MUSTARDUK
quote openUna de la experiencias mas increíbles de mi vida quote closeGABY CARIASVenezuela
quote openThe dive guides are exceptional and are very skilled at finding all the weird and wonderful critters in Lembeh’s muck. quote closeJULIA WHEELER Australia

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