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I Put Lembeh In First Place

January 27, 2014

On one of our trips to Wakatobi, a friend in the group was disappointed that he could not see large sea creatures and a resort staff member said to him: “There is no one place to see all the sea creatures together. If you want to see big sea creatures you should go to Galapagos, if you want to see little sea creatures you should go to Lembeh . If you want to see the untouched reef you are in the right place.” After this conversation, I put Lembeh in first place on my list of places to visit. For the first time in 2007, I was able to find the opportunity. Indeed, I was overjoyed to be able to see and photograph all the interesting small creatures you see in magazines and movies about Lembeh. Since then, I try to visit Lembeh every year. Every time I come, different sea creatures share the secret of the sea with us, and every time I genuinely have different photographs. This is thanks to Lembeh Resort’s expert teams.

–  Ateş Evirgen

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