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 Frogfish Eye. Indonesia.


 Octopus In Coconut. Indonesia.


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Joe Tepper from DivePhotoGuide’s Firsts in Lembeh


Joe Tepper from DivePhotoGuide.com just finished up an almost two month long dive trip across the hot spots of Asia.  Saving the best for last, he finished this epic journey here in Lembeh.  During his stay, Joe managed to score some “critter firsts” for his photo library.  The complete account of Joe’s trip can be found on DivePhotoGuide.com, but Joe was kind enough to share some images of his “first timers” and other cool critters below.  Thanks to DivePhotoGuide as always for their support of Lembeh Resort & Critters@Lembeh.


Comfortable villa accommodations, good food, a relaxed atmosphere, has a superb friendly, helpful and knowledgable staff…

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