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On Assignment

October 5, 2014

Aaron Gekoski is a photographer, film-maker, journalist and presenter, specialising in all things marine. His work has appeared in over 40 publications worldwide and he is a regular contributor to Dive, Diver, Dive site and many other magazines dedicated to scuba.  He recently visited Lembeh Resort and had a great dive with Critters@Lembeh,  after 3 days diving #Lembeh Strait continuing his Indonesian dive journey. It’s always a joy when we get divers with a fresh perspective on muck diving and express a true excitement for our unusual marine life. Even our “common” species and behaviour are amazing, when seen for the first time!

Testimonial from Aaron:

 “I recently visited Lembeh Resort and Critters of Lembeh as part of a press trip. I’ve been wanting to come here for as long as I can remember and the diving definitely didn’t disappoint. If you enjoy rummaging around in the muck looking for unthinkably bizarre creatures, you have to add this to your bucket list. Diving in Lembeh is weird, it’s wild and it’s wonderful.”

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