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The Pretty In Lembeh

June 1, 2014

Most people dive Lembeh Strait to see the weird critters that they had not heard of before: hairy shrimp, stargazer, and hairy frogfish, to name a few. If you flick through a Lembeh photo gallery, there is a likelihood you’d notice a distinct lack of corals and pretty tropical fish, but this doesn’t mean that Lembeh is devoid of them.

Jan Love visited Lembeh for the first time and found plenty of pretty tropical fish to photograph (there is the rarely captured flasher wrasse, the very yellow and very cute ornate goby, numerous species of damsels, and many more). Being in the epicenter of marine biodiversity and the nutrient-rich water that flows through the Strait make this body of water home to a vast variety of marine life. Don’t underestimate Lembeh’s ability to ‘wow’ you with pretty things too. Check out Jan’s gallery on our website for more of her beautiful photos from her trip with us.