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September 9, 2013

The Exclusive Seacam workshop with Aaron Wong held from September 4-9 was very productive, all the participants learned lots of great photo techniques from Aaron Wong about basic photography (Compact & DSLR), lighting and the best angle to use. Our dive staff also increased their knowledge, learning more about photography and how to understand photographers’ needs. The whole group also contributed their images to our gallery, which you can see below.  We hope you enjoy the beautiful images they got!

Below is a short testimonial from Sandy (57diving.com) & Aaron Wong.

Sandy: Service is top in the whole, well organized,trained staff. Nice room in this workshop we take couple classroom session with Aaron Wong, we are going through the basic of underwater photography. Then they practice and improve everyday. From the rocky new player of DSLR in the water. Even the compact camera like RX100. Everybody got nice shoot.

Aaron: Its’ always nice coming back to Lembeh, but even more so with Critters@Lembeh! Much of muck diving is about having good guides and Critters@Lembeh has plenty. More importantly, Critters@Lembeh understand the needs of photographers and are attentive. Thats a plus! Did I mention they are friendly too??