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 Mimic Octopus Mating. Sulawesi, Indonesia

 Lone Pygmy Seahorse. Indonesia

 Tiger Shrimps. Indonesia


 Denise's Pygmy. Indonesia.
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Welcome to episode 52 of Fresh Critters At Lembeh.  This episode completes a full year of weekly videos from Lembeh Resort.  For the last 52 consecutive weeks, we’ve shared a brief glimpse of the cool things we’ve seen.  The Strait didn’t let us down for this last episode.  We had one of the most amazing weeks of the year for the finale.  The cephalopods were over the top with 6 Blue Ring Octopus, and several Wunderpus, Mimic Octopus, Coconut Octopus, Long Arm Octopus, Pygmy Cuttlefish and Flamboyant Cuttlefish.  The Frogfish were not to be outdone and Nudis and Crustaceans galore all showed up to compete for a spot in the anniversary show.  It’s now vacation time for the Photo Center, but we have stockpiled a couple special videos to upload over the next couple weeks to keep you entertained.


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