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We’ve found the Rhinopias!

June 27, 2012

The Rhinopias are back!  It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen our strange-looking friends here in Lembeh, but we are pleased to say that our Dive Guide Oksin found a small weedy Rhinopias yesterday.  The Rhinopias is always at the top of Divers’ wish lists due to its rarity, beautiful variety of colors, and expressive face.  A member of the scoripionfish family, there are several species of Rhinopias, some that are more monotone and others with a greater variety of colors and and more “lacey” or “weedy” perforations of the fins.  The species pictured here is the “weedy” variety, Rhinopias frondosa.  The other species that has been seen on occasion here in Lembeh is the “Paddle-flap” or Rhinopias eschmeyeri.  Below are some photos of this recent find by our Photo-Pro Steve Fish and Dive Guide Oksin.