Synanceia horrid
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Globular and poorly defined,appear as algae covered stone,has bony above and between eyes. Solitary mostly in small groups, very venomous fin spines deadly, also may bury in sand.
Frequency of sightings:
Best time of year:
All year round
Size up to 30 cm
Divesites seen at:
Air Prang, Air Prang 2, Air Prang 3, Hairball 1, Hairball 2, Hairball 3, Heynus, Jahir, Jahir 2, Madidir, Magic Crack, TK 1, TK2, TK3
Taxonomical order of this critter:
Sand Dweller
Buttom dweller
Scorpion Fish
- Ambon scorpionfish
- Devil Scorpionfish
- Erosa Stonefish
- Estuarine Stonefish
- Flasher Scorpionfish
- Leaf Scorpionfish
- Reef Stonefish
- Rhinopias Paddle-Flap
- Rhinopias Weedy

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