Solenostomus paradoxus
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This striking pipe fish can be seen in many patterns and color variations mostly seeking protection among crinoids’ arms (feather stars) but also close to soft corals, finger sponges, gorgonian sea fans and black corals. Usually seen in pairs but can be observed in groups up to 12 individuals. The female is larger than the male and has modified ventral fins, forming an egg pouch, where you can observe developing eggs and larvae. If you find a pair of ornates together, they will usually stay in the same crinoids or coral for about 2-3 weeks.

Frequency of sightings:
Best time of year:
female up to 15 cm, male up to 8 cm, from 10-40 meter deep
Divesites seen at:
Air Prang, Air Prang 2, Air Prang 3, Angels Window, Aw Shucks, Batu Angus, Batu Merah, Batu Sandar, California Dreaming, Critter Hunt, Goby A Crab, Hairball 1, Hairball 2, Hairball 3, Heynus, Jahir, Jahir 2, Jiko Yansi, Lembeh Resort House Reef, Madidir, Magic Crack, Magic Rock, Makawide, Makawide 2, Makawide 3, Nudi Falls, Nudi Retreat, Pantai Jiko, Pantai Kecil, Pantai Parigi, Pintu Colada, Pintu Kota Besar (Seagrass), Pintu Kota Kecil, Police Pier, Police Pier 2, Pulau Abadi, Pulau Dua, Pulau Putus, Retak Larry (Larrys Crack), Serena West, Slow Poke, Tanjung Kubur, Tanjung kusu-kusu, Tanjung Tebal, TK 1, TK2, TK3
Taxonomical order of this critter:
Reef & Sea Grass
Buttom Dweller
- Halimeda Ghostpipefish
- Ornate Ghostpipefish
- Robust Ghostpipefish
- Rough-snout Ghostpipefish
- Velvet Ghostpipefish

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