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November 25, 2015

North Sulawesi is renowned as being both an exceptionally culturally and naturally rich region of Indonesia. The incredibly high biodiversity, both marine and terrestrial, has lead to a bloom in eco tourism and a healthy growth of the local economy. The riches of North Sulawesi are experienced best in its national parks, on its coral reefs and of course on the sandy slopes of Lembeh Strait. However one must not venture out of the towns to find proof of Sulawesi’s treasures, the rich volcanic soil provides a wealth of wonderfully fresh produce while the small scale fishing communities provide the freshest fruits of the sea. Come with us on this early morning adventure to experience a part of local culture and to smell, taste and see the riches of North Sulawesi.


As the sun rises we start the trip with a scenic boat drive across the Lembeh Strait towards the mainland town of Bitung



Small fishing boats are buzzing around the busy fish auction



A friendly greeting from the local fishmongers



Lovi from our front desk inspects the catch of the day



Delivering tuna with a smile, as fresh as they come!



A wide variety of fish can be found at the market, can you guess which one this is?



The fishing in Bitung is run from relatively small vessels and most of the larger fish are line caught with little or no by catch!



Tunas as far as the eye can see



Our guests and Lovi on the entry way to the traditional market in Bitung



Shallots are an integral part of Indonesian cuisine, there are few dishes without it



Be aware, these Piri Piri pack a serious punch of spiciness!



A colorful scene from the local market in Bitung, full of fresh vegetables, herbs and spices!



Checking out the local Bay Leaves hung up to dry in the shade



At Lembeh Resort we souce the majority of our produce from these local markets, thereby ensuring the freshest and tastiest foods possible!