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Go Nudi! in Lembeh

June 29, 2013

Lembeh Resort and Critters@Lembeh are thrilled to welcome Dr. Dave Behrens, and Maurine and Burt Shimlock of Secret Sea Visions, who are conducting their first ever Go Nudi! photo workshop here.  We are very excited to host this trio of renowned photography and sea life experts and also want to extend our warmest welcome to all the workshop participants.

Maurine and Burt are the well-known authors of two guides to diving in Raja Ampat and the Bird’s Head Seascape, and are pioneers of diving in Indonesia, having helped introduce the world to diving in Lembeh 17 years ago, and more recently, to previously unknown dive sites in West Papua, Indonesia. In addition to helping guests get the best possible images on their dives, Burt and Maurine also bring in top marine life experts like Dave Behrens to enrich guests’ learning experience.  Maurine and Burt chose Lembeh for this workshop because of its unique concentration of rare marine life including a stunning range of nudibranchs.  A few participants arrived in advance and have already seen and photographed an undescribed species, in addition to documenting an average of 15-20 different nudis on each dive!

Dr. Dave Behrens is one of the world’s foremost experts on nudibranchs and is the author of 10 books and over 70 articles in technical journals.  He is also currently writing for California Diving Magazine & Scuba Diver (Korean version). Dave is always happy to help you identify that nudibranch you can’t find in the I.D. books and he can be contacted at: davidwbehrens@gmail.com.

We’re looking forward to a great Go Nudi workshop, getting beautiful photos and learning a lot too!