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“Go Nudi!” with Jones, Shimlock, and Dr. Behrens in 2013


Join renowned nudibranch expert Dr. David Behrens and photo pros Burt Jones and Maurine Shimlock of Secret Sea Visions for 10 incredible nights at Lembeh Resort.  Together, they will introduce you to Lembeh’s most exciting critters and show you how to photograph them as never before.  Dave will handle all of your nudi questions, identifications, and help all of us recognize possible new species. Dave is the author/coauthor of ten books on reef dwelling creatures, and over 80 scientific papers on marine ecological topics. Learn about: Species diversity; how critters breathe, see and smell; how & what they feed on; how they reproduce; how they defend themselves, and their relationships with other critters.

During your visit Dave will be available for specialized and personalized workshops and presentations on any coral reef critter groups, topics and issues.  Let his underwater classroom help you understand the reef’s intricate relationships.

Burt and Maurine’s  “Stop Taking Pictures and Start Creating Images” photo workshop will teach you about the four elements that make great images: lighting framing, movement, and the creative use of negative space; how to position yourself to maximize eye contact with your subjects; which camera angle is best suited to different subjects; and how to maximize each image’s potential in post production.  They, along with Lembeh’s resident photo pro, will also be available to help you with your individual photographic concerns and equipment problems.  Burt and Maurine will help you improve your photographic skills and offer several interesting “backdrops”, such as mirrors, blue and white “stages” on which to photograph nudis and the other interesting critters we find.

Save the dates: June 28-July 8, 2013. Lembeh Resort will host this not-to-be-missed dive adventure and has offered very attractive pricing for this special event only.  Your dive package for the nudi workshop and photo seminar includes: a 2:1 diver to guide ratio, nitrox for the previously certified, 30 dives including 26 boat dives, 3 guided boat night or mandarinfish dives, 1 guided house reef night dive, unlimited self-guided shore dives, tanks, weights, transport to and from Manado’s international airport, all meals and snacks, 1 x 30 minute massage per guest.  This incredible package is priced at $3300 per person based on double occupancy.

We expect this event to sell out quickly.  Please reserve your spot by contacting Burt and Maurine at secretseavisions@yahoo.com.  We’ll take care of the rest.



Quite possibly the easiest, most hassle free diving I’ve ever done. Excellent photography facilities, delicious food, and a friendly staff that knows you by name.

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Lembeh Resort and Critters at Lembeh