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Lembeh Resort UK

House Reef Project

October 13, 2012

Our house reef is located just in front of Lembeh Resort, and accessible any time for our guests. It can easily be dived, and it is possible to follow the buoys system that has been put in place. Or, you can choose to take a guide with you and it is US$15 per person which benefits our house reef environmental projects.

Critters@Lembeh regularly run house reef maintenance to ensure that the house reef stays in good condition. This maintenance work includes house reef cleaning, and cleaning/replacing buoys that are already well covered and grown with sponges and ascidians. This week, our in-house marine biologist, Dimpy, with the help of our dive crew and house reef volunteer, also added new structures to our house reef to expand our artificial reef. We built new structures with hard concrete as the base, and build it up with old unused materials such as water dispensers and empty bottles. These structures provide hard surfaces to which algae and invertebrates can attach, and fish to retreat to.

Besides artificial structures, our house reef is comprised of a sloping coral reef and sandy bottoms. We regularly see many different species of nudibranchs, crustaceans, cephalopods, and occasionally frog fish and different species of ghost pipefish.  It is a great dive and compliments the other sites within Lembeh Strait.  It is also great for snorkeling with many different species of corals and reef fishes in the shallow areas.

Click here to read more about our House Reef and Environmental program.