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Looking Good!!

January 18, 2013

January / February is a busy time for our Dive Travel Agents in Europe with numerous dive shows being held – BOOT  in Dusseldorf, Germnay; FESPO in Zurich, Switzerland;  Salon de la Plongee in Paris, France;  Duikvaker near Utrecht, The Netherlands and EUDI in Milan, Italy to name a few!!

Repeat guests Jean-Paul and Claudine Martin were at the Salon de la Plongee in Paris and went to see one of our French agents H20 Voyage at their booth. They were advertising how much they love Lembeh and Lembeh Resort by proudly wearing their Critters@Lembeh ‘Keep Lembeh Weird’  T-Shirts. These have been a great seller as everyone wants to wear a Blue Ringed Octopus!!

If you will be visiting any of the dive shows in the coming months, then pop on one of your Lembeh Resort / Critters@Lembeh T-Shirts,  go and see one of our agents and send us your photos to info@lembehresort.com!!