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 Hairy Frogfish. Indonesia.



 Puffer Portrait. Indonesia.

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One way to unwind after a hard day of diving…..


After a ‘hard day’ of diving critter hunting in the amazing Lembeh Strait, you may need a little something to help you relax. We have the perfect antidote for you –  the Lembeh Resort Spa! Open from 2pm every day visit one of our local massage therapists and treat yourself to one of our lovely treatments. We have everything from short 30 minute Reflexology to a full 2.5 hour pampering session that includes a massage, scrub and facial.

If you would like to see the full range of treatments on offer, then click here . It is also possible to pre-book treatments before your arrival at Lembeh Resort – send us an email on info@lembehresort.com or use our contact form with Spa Treatments as the subject!





Definitivamente um dos melhores lugares do mundo para mergulhar!!!

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Lembeh Resort and Critters at Lembeh