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Focus on Squid & Lionfish

July 14, 2013

We are very excited to welcome Samantha Cheng and Tayler McCraney to Lembeh Resort.  Samantha and Tayler are visiting scientists who have chosen to conduct research in Lembeh because of the richness of the marine life here.  Samantha remarked that when she began looking online for photos of reef squid eggs, almost all of them came from just two areas – Lembeh and Japan.

Samantha, who graduated with a degree from SCRIPPS in organismal biology and ecology, is conducting research on bigfin reef squid, with the aim of determining the number of species and finding out where they are breeding.  She hopes that her findings will help ensure their protection and assure the future of this beautiful and economically important animal. Click here to learn more of her research.

Tayler is studying ecology and evolutionary biology of Indonesian fishes as a PhD candidate at UCLA and here in Lembeh will be conducting research on the feeding habits of the common lionfish (Pterois volitans & Pteroris miles.).  Although this infamous fish is an invasive species in the Caribbean, here in Indonesia it lives in harmony with other creatures in the ecosystem, and we are looking forward to learning about how and why this fish’s prey differs in its natural vs adopted environments.

Samantha and Tayler will be assisted by Critters@Lembeh’s in-house Marine Biologist, Dimpy Jacobs, and we wish them much success in their research here!