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Weekly Web 21 – Mating Blue Ring Octopus! Two new Nudis!

Wow, Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Lembeh Strait comes up with some surprises for you. This week we had a pair of mating Blue Ring Octopus! It’s also very special when we find a Nudibranch …

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Monthly Highlights Video – November 2011

November was a terrific month of diving at Lembeh Resort. Our guides were at their best and found loads of rare and exotic creatures. It wasn’t just a good month for critters though, it was also a good …

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Weekly Web 20 – Blue Rings, Mimics, an Algae Octopus and a Wonderpus with Eggs

This week we had three boats of divers spot Blue Ring Octopus. One boat saw two Blue Rings, and the other two boats also saw Mimic Octopus, Algae Octopus and a Wonderpus with eggs! It was also a …

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3rd Trip in a Year!

This is our third time to Lembeh Resort in the past year. The hotel and dive staff make it seem like a second home for us. Everyone greets us by name and welcomes us back. …

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Weekly Web 18 – Multiple Blue Ring Octopus shot with Sola 4000 Video Lights

We have a lot to be thankful for here at Lembeh Resort this week. We can be thankful for the multiple sightings of Blue Ring Octopus this week. We can also be thankful for the fantastic behaviors that we saw …

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