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Tuesday Tips & Techniques from Photo Pro Sascha Janson #9

On select Tuesdays, Cameras@Lembeh (the first and only Photo & Video Center in Lembeh Strait) will feature Tips and Techniques by Photo Pro Sascha Janson. Sascha will offer up a range of information, you never know what piece of wisdom …

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Lembeh Is a Great Place To Get Into Photography

My fourth trip back to Lembeh Resort and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The dive guides at Critters@Lembeh are some of the best you can have who are there to help you find critters you see in the books. …

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Story from a Dive Legend

It’s Monday afternoon on 17 July, 2006. Deep below the Indian ocean floor an abrupt shift of crustal plates along the notoriously active subduction zone south of the Indonesian Archipelago triggers …

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It Was Unique To Make a “Wish List”

In 2002 Sidney and his wife Sabine had the great privilege to be guests at the Lembeh Resort even before construction was completed and the resort officially opened. Since that time they have seen how the resort and …

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Lembeh Resort & Critters@Lembeh House Reef

A house reef project in front of Lembeh Resort was first started in 2006 by Critters@Lembeh.  There were two main aims of this project: to create more habitat for our critters and to simply make our house reef dive more …

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