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In the Spotlight: Underwater Videography Workshop Day 6


It’s the final day of Sascha’s first ever, exclusive underwater videography workshop here in Lembeh and our participants have had an exceptional week of diving and filming in the Strait. Some of the highlights (just a few) have included;

[reveal align=”left” …

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7th Annual Capturing Critters in Lembeh – Underwater Photography & Videography Workshop

Join us and world class photo pros at Lembeh Resort from December 5th – 12th, 2018

Capturing Critters in Lembeh is back for the 7th year and it is shaping up to be our best workshop yet. …

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Critters of the Lembeh Strait | 2017 May Highlights

May is associated with flowers, renewal and new life and  in Lembeh, May was no exception. This latest highlights video features some extraordinary footage of juvenile sea life like harlequin shrimps and tiger shrimps. Our Photo Pro also filmed some unusual scenes with a …

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Critters of the Lembeh Strait – The Paddle-flap scorpionfish (Rhinopias eschmeyeri)

Rhinopias belong to the scorpionfish family and are native to the tropical western Indo-Pacific. Like all scorpionfish, they have venomous spines and prefer to rest on the bottom, occasionally walking or ‘hopping’ by pushing off with their pelvic and pectoral …

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Critters of the Lembeh Strait | Episode 13 – 2016 | 2016 Highlights

This highlights of 2016 video is a spectacular fireworks-like display of the brightest and best critters in Lembeh. Pulsating blue-ringed octopuses fall upon their crustacean prey, an iridescent bobbit worm shimmering with rainbow colors waits patiently for a meal and a vast array …

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