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April Fool – with the Mimic Octopus

This month we have been thinking about aquatic April Fools and the “Critter King of Confusion” award goes to the mimic octopus (Thaumoctopus mimicus). This master of mimicry is famous for its ability to fool other critters with Oscar worthy …

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Featured Dive Site: Fireball, Lembeh Island

Featured Dive Site: Fireball, East Lembeh

As the original dive resort on Lembeh Island we have a natural passion for exploring and discovering new dive sites. Did you know that the famous Rojos dive site in the Lembeh Strait …

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Spectral tarsier (Tarsius tarsier)

North Sulawesi’s Nocturnal Mascot: Tarsius tarsier
There are other “Creatures of the Night” in Lembeh than the weird and wild ones we see underwater. We even have

some amazing nocturnal critters around our resort too. The spectral …

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12 Days of Christmas…… Lembeh Style, Indonesia

As Christmas draws in we can’t help but join in the festivities, so here is our “Lembeh” take on the “12 days of Christmas” song especially re-worded (12 days in Lembeh) for all of our muck diving aficionados. Check in each …

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Muck Diving in Lembeh Strait – Critters of the Weeks 24 – 26

Here is a new video from our Photo Pro, Sascha Janson. Weeks 24, 25, and 26 brought a lot of seahorses, frogfishes, and nudibranch sightings in Lembeh Strait. Look out for the lembeh sea dragon, clown fish eggs, rare Janolus …

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