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Critters of the Lembeh Strait | Episode 16 – 2015 | Sex, Muck and Rock 'n' Roll – Part 1

The rock stars of Lembeh get down, dirty and mucky in this video! The frogfishes like their ladies large, and as for nudis, they’ll do it with anyone – nudibranchs are all hermaphrodites and able to mate with any other …

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Sex, Muck and Rock & Roll – Part I

Back in the 1990s, when Lembeh’s sites were on the cusp of discovery, we branded its incredible array of muck dives “The Twilight Zone”. The “twilight” part referred not only to the stranger-than-reality science fiction television show, but …

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Tuesday Tips & Techniques from Photo Pro Sascha Janson #28

On select Tuesdays, Cameras@Lembeh Resort – the first and only dedicated photo & video center in Lembeh Strait with full time on site photo pro – will feature Tips and Techniques by Photo Pro Sascha Janson. Sascha covers everyday situations …

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Critters of the Lembeh Strait | Episode 15 – 2015 | Crustacean Station Part 2

The sped-up footage in this video featuring an all-star crustacean cast allows us to see some great ‘dance moves’ performed by commensal shrimps, bumblebee shrimps and mantis shrimps who display some crazy eye movements! Enjoy this look into a tiny …

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This month we are proud to introduce you to our “Outstanding Employees of the Month”:

If you ever had a great espresso or cappuccino in our restaurant then …

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