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It’s All About The Fish – Fish Geek Week

Over the last week at Lembeh Resort we have been enjoying “Fish Geek Week” with marine life experts Mark Erdmann and Gerry Allen. Alongside these two world class professionals we’ve also been privileged to have Burt Jones and Maurine Shimlock who …

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Fish Geek Week 2018 at Lembeh Resort

Fish Geek Week is here and we are excited to announce the arrival of our marine biology experts and self pronounced geeks of everything underwater.

Mark Erdmann and Gerry Allen are two of the region’s most experienced underwater naturalists. Throughout this week …

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Fish Geek Week 2018

For all of you “Fish Geeks” out there your time has come! Join Mark Erdmann and Gerry Allen  for a week of fishy facts from 9 – 17 July 2018.

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Results of Fish Geek Week 2016!

It seems that North Sulawesi, and Lembeh Strait in particular, is continuously full of surprises. For the fourth time in a row since 2012, our ongoing reef fish biodiversity surveys here have turned up more new records and likely new …

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From gobies to sharks, Lembeh continues to unveil more secrets…

Two weeks’ ago when I posted on the flasher wrasses of Lembeh, I announced a newly-described flasher wrasse species, Paracheilinus paineorum, which is found in many dive sites in Lembeh Strait. You might be wondering, just how common is …

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