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New Learning Centers on Lembeh!

Imagine the difference it can make to a child to have free, public access to a library and computers in their village for the very first time.

With the help of donations from our generous guests, the two closest villages neighboring …

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Third Time Trip To Lembeh Resort

This is our third trip to Lembeh Resort. Each time we come, we discover new fish and sea creatures we have never seen before. The highlight of this trip were several species of pygmy sea horses. My photographs were taken …

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I Put Lembeh In First Place

On one of our trips to Wakatobi, a friend in the group was disappointed that he could not see large sea creatures and a resort staff member said to him: “There is no one place to see all the sea creatures …

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Every Dive Is Exhilarating!

“A wonderful trip, diving at Lembeh with Lembeh Resort & Critters@Lembeh.  All the staff were friendly and caring, and attentive to our needs. Kudos to the DMs for the effort looking for the weirds, even the tiniest, to make every dive …

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Exceeded Our Expectations

We made the long journey to Lembeh to experience some of the greatest muck diving and underwater photography the oceans have to offer and we weren’t disappointed. The entire staff of both Lembeh Resort and Critters@Lembeh went out of their …

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