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Lembeh Resort & Critters@Lembeh House Reef

A house reef project in front of Lembeh Resort was first started in 2006 by Critters@Lembeh.  There were two main aims of this project: to create more habitat for our critters and to simply make our house reef dive more …

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Friendship In Diving

Jean-Philippe and Herve have been dive buddies for years, this is their 5th visit to Lembeh Resort and they always have great dives with Critters@Lembeh. Herve is into crustaceans and  loves capturing …

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Reef Regeneration Project

Rahil Kapur, a 16 year old living in Singapore, contacted us expressing interest in participating in a reef regeneration project. He took part in a large-scale biorock project created by the government in the Phillpines and this inspired him to …

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Fluorescence Underwater

I just did my first night dive in search of underwater fluorescence on our house reef, together with photographers Carlos Villoch (villoch.com) and Marie-Elizabeth Mali (www.memali.com).

Underwater fluorescence is produced by a protein and is most easily observed under ultra-violet …

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