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Critters of the Lembeh Strait | Episode 04 – 2016 | February Highlights

Here are some highlights from February…enjoy!

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Frogfish – The Masters of Camouflage at Lembeh’s Best Dive Sites

Frogfish are masters of disguise – even on the black sands of the Lembeh Strait they manage to hide themselves among stray soft corals such as sponges, sea grass or by tucking themselves in behind rocks or debris with which …

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Critters of the Lembeh Strait | Episode 03 – 2016 | Frogfishes

This February is all about frogfishes…here’s a short video of some of the common species we usually see while diving the Lembeh Strait – Enjoy!

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Fly Fishing Beasts of Lembeh

Imagine an organism that blends perfectly into its surroundings, attracts its unwary food items by luring them within striking distance with a specialized appendage, and then swallows them whole. All of us who dive know this camouflaged mini-beast and if you’ve …

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Pygmy Seahorses

The Hippocampus bargibanti was the first species of pygmy seahorse discovered in as late as 2000. There are now known to be several species of pygmy seahorses which …

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