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Discovering the Denise Pygmy Seahorse

Paying Tribute to a Diver, a Photojournalist but most of all, an Inspiration

Here at Lembeh Resort we are among those who have been lucky enough to consider Denise Tackett a friend …

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Christmas-Donations 2015

In the spirit of Lembeh Resort founder Alex Rorimpandey we are happy to continue the tradition of helping the children of the villages with school materials and other small gifts to help enrich their lives and to teach …

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Star of Lembeh – Part II

Welcome to our “Stars of Lembeh”. These amazing critters are found at numerous sites in the Lembeh Strait and we see special star qualities in all of them; whether it’s in the way they move, behave, hunt, mate or display …

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Critters of the Lembeh Strait | Episode 23 – 2015 | Stars of Lembeh

“Stars of Lembeh” is the last video of the year 2015. See for yourself why Lembeh is so special – Which one is your favorite critter-star?

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Christmas celebration 2015, a year full of joy!

There are many traditions at Lembeh Resort, which are repeated from year to year, but at no time of the year is it more obvious than at Christmas time. The annual “Staff Christmas Party” has been running for many consecutive years …

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