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Exceptional Diving Vacation

Lembeh strait resides in the heart of the coral triangular. The unique biodiversity as well as the commonness of marine invertebrates makes it a dream for every diver.  Critters@Lembeh is the most professional dive shops I have ever came across with. …

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The Best Dive Operator!

In her first visit to Lembeh, Nadia Aly from Scuba Diver Life ticked off her critters wish list, and captured some of her best underwater shots to date:
Critters@Lembeh is by for one of the best dive operators I …

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3rd Trip in a Year!

This is our third time to Lembeh Resort in the past year. The hotel and dive staff make it seem like a second home for us. Everyone greets us by name and welcomes us back. …

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