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Limited Space – Dex Chen Now Complements the Pro Team – Inquire Now

There is still time to register for the most comprehensive digital-imaging workshop offered in Lembeh Strait. Dex Chen now joins the team and we anticipate all remaining cottages to sell quickly.

Marine Biologist and friend, Dex Chen is complementing the Photo Pro …

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Muck Diving in Lembeh Strait – Critters of the Weeks 29 and 30

Mating blue-ring octopus, an iridescent bobbit worm lunging out of its hole in search of dinner, and footage of a rare, furry melibe nudibranch make this latest video by our Photo Pro Sascha Janson a must-see!

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Muck Diving in Lembeh Strait – Flamboyant Cuttlefish Hatching

Flamboyant cuttlefish (Metasepia pfefferi) are one of our favourite critters.  They are beautiful to look at with their constantly moving bands of purple, white and black but did you know their flesh is also extremely toxic?  Females are larger than …

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Reflections on Lembeh, by Steve Fish

Steve Fish joined Critters@Lembeh and Lembeh Resort 2.5 years ago. He has such tremendous contribution here; among other things, he taught all the dive staff about underwater photography. Before he left, he presented some of his videos to the staff, …

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Muck Diving in Lembeh Strait – Critters of the Week 20

Our Photo Pro Sascha Janson put together this collection of fresh critters from last week. Highlights include a great close-up of the most complex eyes on the planet (eyes of a mantis shrimp) and a baby flamboyant cuttlefish sending a …

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