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Spookiest Critters – Part II

Lembeh’s myriad of critters are not only weird and spooky to look at – some of their behavioral patterns are certainly strange and spooky too! From the way they hunt to even the way they mate there is nothing “standard” …

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Spookiest Critters – Part I

Lembeh’s critters come in all forms; large, small, herbivores, carnivores, the colorful, the drab & also the SPOOKY! Many spooky critters have even spookier characteristics; strange mimicry, incredible camouflage, large mouths, large teeth, nocturnal hunters, living underground & even pretending …

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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – Part II

During the 2005 Asian Diver Shootout at Lembeh Strait, Jennifer Hayes, David Doubilet, Ned Deloach, Rod Klein and I were invited to be judges for the competition. On the day of judging, when an image of a very unique hairy frogfish …

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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – Part I

With a newly purchased film camera, I first visited Lembeh Strait in 1997 when the legendary Larry Smith promised me mandarin fish encounters. I soon discovered the Strait is more than just mandarin fish. I was mesmerized by its rich …

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Sex, Muck and Rock & Roll – Part II

So what happens after the rock and roll party in Lembeh? In the muck, conspicuous behavior has consequences. All that sex and rock and roll often manifests in the birth of new stars, another generations of exhibitionists to strut the …

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