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Eye Spy a Little Eye – Part I

The underwater world is magnificent in all aspects, especially when it comes to how the inhabitants of that world perceive it!

What we see with our mundane human eyes is a result of three photoreceptors that can see red, green and …

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Diving: a ‘Totem of Hedonism, Exhilaration and Exoticism’?

Can you imagine diving 57 years ago or more?! In one respect, I’d have loved to have had the opportunity, when the reefs were healthier and the marine life was plentiful. But I sure wouldn’t give up the conveniences of …

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Wide Angle Wonder – Part II

It’s an undeniable fact that Lembeh Strait in North Sulawesi is the epicenter of the macro world. But here’s a lesser-known fact: This area contains the same wide-angle opportunities that are found throughout Indonesia. Wrecks, reefs, walls and pinnacles slathered …

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Wide Angle Wonder – Part I

People travel from far and wide to search out the incredible creatures of Lembeh Strait. While it’s certainly true that much of the Strait’s marine life is tiny, there is plenty of larger life to be found. Squid, cuttlefish, beautiful …

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In The Muck

“Do you ever meet a dive master that can identify all the critters you saw on the dive by their latin and common names?”  View Shiloh Jackson’s trip report here


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