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Day 3 of Exclusive SeaCam Workshop with Aaron Wong and 57diving.com

“Taking advantage of Lembeh’s abundance of critters, much of this workshop is centered on macro photography. Two full days of muck diving followed by nightly classes on macro did a lot to improve the photos of the divers. Of course, …

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Go Nudi! in Lembeh

Lembeh Resort and Critters@Lembeh are thrilled to welcome Dr. Dave Behrens, and Maurine and Burt Shimlock of Secret Sea Visions, who are conducting their first ever Go Nudi! photo workshop here.  We are very excited to host this …

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Reflections of 2012 Capturing Critters in Lembeh by Ethan Daniels

Ethan happily shared his recollection of our inaugural event.
Having spent about seven months on the road and underwater this year, it was an absolute pleasure to end 2012 in style during “Capturing Critters@Lembeh UWorkshop.” This unique event was incredibly fun, …

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Lembeh Wide Open with Andy & Allison Vitsky Sallmon

Andy and Allison Vitsky Sallmon are in Lembeh Resort and have been diving with Critters@Lembeh.  Their photography workshop, “Lembeh Wide Open”, has just started for the 12 people in their group.  The program will be 9 days in total, learning …

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2nd Annual Capturing Critters in Lembeh – UW Workshop December 4-14, 2013

quote open"I learned theory and techniques of shooting and editing that have vastly improved myquote close art" - Hugh Ross
quote open"My photography skills reached a higher pquote closelane" - Hugh Ross
quote open"The Lembeh Resort / Critters@ Lembeh Photo Workshop was by far the best I have attequote closended" - Hugh Ross
quote open"Fantastic event!" - Amquote closealie Frischknecht
quote open"I was very impressed with how much work the photo pros put into their presentations" - Amquote closealie Frischknecht
quote open"It was perfect" - Atlquote closee Ove Martinussen
quote open"The event was well organized and packed with activitiequote closes" - Jim Sparkman
quote open"The guides did a terrific job in finding critters for us to photograpquote closeh" - Jim Sparkman
quote open"Coordinating activities are tough but the efforts showed in how well everything was donquote closee" - Jim Sparkman
quote open"I was very excited when I found this photo workshop" quote close- Christy Quinlan
quote open"I learned different things, great things, from what I expected to learn" quote close- Christy Quinlan
quote open"It was a great workshop" quote close- Christy Quinlan
quote open"It was greatquote close" - Josh Milligan
quote open"The resort and staff and boats were among the best I have seen at what they doquote close" - Josh Milligan
quote open"I will highly recommend and would like to returnquote close" - Josh Milligan

Join us in December for “Capturing Critters in Lembeh” our 2nd Annual Digital Imaging Workshop hosted by Lembeh Resort & Critters@Lembeh.

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