Lembeh Resort Staff Fred


Our resident full time Photo-Pro is here to help you get the best possible images and videos while enjoying the wonderful macro critters of Lembeh Strait. Fred has a wealth of knowledge about underwater photography and offers formal courses and coaching as well as equipment repairs and customisations.

Fred Juneau is well known for his outstanding photography and videography skills, editing skills, technical and product knowledge, extensive experience in presenting and teaching and of course, his passion for critters. Fred Juneau has been based in South East Asia since 2010 and also has extensive experience of diving in the Strait. Prior to entering the world of underwater imaging Fred’s background was a mix of computer science and military engineering before following his photography and diving dreams in 2010 which led to a move to Thailand. Fred is no stranger to travel and during his military service he served as an engineer in numerous countries including Afghanistan, Turkey, Georgia and India. Fred’s impressive list of achievements include: Underwater filming for VOX television channel, NatGeo MyShot Daily Dozen, Spotlight Photographer by Underwater Macro Photographers, Photo Exhibition contribution at Diving Resort Travel (DRT) Show Manila in 2015, guest speaker at both Asia Dive Expo in Singapore and TDEX  Thailand in 2016 and his articles have been published by Canon Asia Snapshot. Fred is available for private underwater photography and videography courses and these can be tailor-made to match individual needs.

Fred’s Lembeh Strait Portfolio


Juvenile Filefish

Robust Ghost Pipefish

Pygmy Cuttlefish

Ornate Pygmy Gobies


Coconut Octopus

Soft Coral Goby

Harlequin Crab