night dive Lembeh
Night diving lembeh
night diving lembeh strait
night diving lembeh
Critters at Lembeh Resort


As the sun sets many of Lembeh’s most iconic critters are just getting started

Night diving is the perfect opportunity to see some of Lembeh’s most iconic critters. Many of the rarest and most unique species of the Lembeh Strait are nocturnal and become active after the sun has set. During night dives you’ll find a plethora of critters including stargazers, numerous species of octopus, the infamous bobbit worm, Spanish dancers, squids and a host of other crustaceans and cephalopods. As day turns to night you’ll also see a range of different behaviors including hunting, feeding, mating and even hatching – all under the cover of darkness.

Dusk dives allow us to see the transition from day to night in the Lembeh Strait – watch as some species turn in for the night while others are just becoming active.

Night dives depart at 6.15pm and dusk dives depart at 5pm (depending on sunset time). We return from both dives in time to enjoy dinner in the restaurant.

A minimum of 2 divers are required for both night and dusk dives and there is a US $19 per person surcharge. Night diving lights are available for hire from the dive center at US $8 per light, per dive.

For more information about dusk or night diving in the Lembeh Strait contact us.