lembeh resort by the hill panoramic shot

Best critter hunters on staff – really appreciated how they searched for our wish list. Keep up the excellent training.
Love your teams.

Elbart & Momo. Really busted their tails – impressed with Momo strength & lack of fear.

Thank you for a magnificent experience!
Never have i experienced a staff with the sheer joy your team exudes!

Love you all!

Cindy van Dijk
September 8, 2018

Time and attention of the all staff was enjoyable.
Agus, it was pleasure to dive with him and he do his very best to make the group happy.

Erik Jan Hoogveld & Therese Souchon
September 8, 2018

Loved the entire experience.
Opo is fantastic, amazing guide & super person.

Our boat crew was great.

Thank you.

We’ll see you in 2019!

Roald & Robin Pettersen
September 8, 2018

Staff friendliness & desire to help was most enjoyable.
All dive crew were very good.

Rick Francis
September 8, 2018

Perfect!Happy with respect for reef and hints for direction to take photo when it wasn’t obvious which was head end of nudi!

David Bulmer & Louise Hyslop
September 8, 2018

We are a dive guides in Hawaii and it’s rare we are impressed. We were blown away by Andris!
Excellent knowledge, very attentive, extremely accommodating for different level of dive experience in our group.

Photo Center, very nice feature to have.

All, very attentive and friendly staff, captain, crew and guides.

Anthony J. Kuntz & julie Gardner
September 8, 2018

Photo Center, it was already excellent! Fred has been very helpful.
All staff are very friendly. But Opo K has been extra helpful.
I feel very comfortable diving with him and i feel more confident as a diver after diving with him several times.

May Dussadeevutikul
September 8, 2018

All excellent!
Everything was done for me.

Nicholas Moore
September 8, 2018

Laurens and Agus, they are awesome!
Laurens, he has wonderful sense of humour!

Christine Bloch
September 8, 2018

Our class with Fred was very helpful.
All the staff was very attentive and worked hard to be helpful.

Scott & Tracy Johnson
September 8, 2018

Andris & ELbart!
Both guides are very knowledgeable.

Your guides are the best!

Deb Crane
September 8, 2018

Sandro – he is caring and very serious about his work.

Nadia Aly
September 8, 2018

Elbart is very attentive, giving time to look at the critters.
I wish to dive with him again next time.

Sylvia Brunner
September 8, 2018

Opo K and Fred really made the trip.
Opo K was amazing.
He is the best and most professional guide i have ever dived with!

All the staff were incredible, the resort is perfect!

Martin Bovingdon
September 8, 2018

Basrah. Do whatever you can to keep him forever.
He is a fantastic guide!

Everyone was awesome.
Helpful accommodating and just plain great!

Linda Marie Szydlo
September 7, 2018

Love Basrah!He exceeded all of my needs & expectations.
His knowledgeable, attention to detail & untiring patience made my diving experience safe & pleasurable in every way.
Thank you Basrah!

Thank you to Fred, your help with my setting was very helpful.
It has given me new hope that my camera does work.
I’m capable of taking photos that i can be proud of.
Thank you!

Melissa Beth Wilson
September 7, 2018

All of them were brilliant.
Our dive master Laurens.
We did every dive with him and he did not have one dive where there was anything missing.

Thank you for our interaction with the local school children. One of the highlights of the trip.
Staff were overall caring, especially as i have tough dietary needs.
Petra and Morten are incredible. I did not go on one dive and Petra come to talk to me to see if i was okay.
Morten spent time with me talking about the amazing gardens.
These personal touches are what makes the place stand put as five star!!

Peter & Jane Shafroth
September 7, 2018

The entire staff were helpful & enjoyable!
Basrah, Jhoe, Sandro. Best duve guides i have ever had.
Using the undewater slates is the best idea i have ever seen.

Jhoe always tried to make the most of every dive.

Photo course: more info ahead of time on photo courses as to plan ahead for time dedicated to lessons from Fred.

Patrick Sheehan
September 7, 2018

Truly a unique and special experience offered here. Opo K was one of the best guides i have ever had in 20+ years of diving.
Thank you!!

Excellent facility and extremely professional staff.
Opo K was really incredible & professional, attentive, knowledgeable and fun.
i will highly recommend Critters to everyone i know.
Thank you for amazing trip.

Sacha Belter
September 7, 2018

Agus, Lauren, Fandy, they were fantastic guides!
Service from staff was exceptional.

Alex Marcotty
September 7, 2018

Staff so helpful!Knowledgeable & upbeat.

Laurens & Agus, they were attentive, knowledgeable, so personable & fun to be around.

Joan Nash
September 7, 2018

First experience / first impression of photo or video facililtes: Good!
Close to perfection.

Bill is our dive guide, so closer to him.
Everybody super nice!

Terima kasih untuk semuanya!
Sampai jumpa tahun depan.

Claudine Daigneault
September 7, 2018

Everything was enjoyable! They all do a great job!
Fandy, Elbart, Momo.
They were always very caring of us and were very attentive.

Pascal Rusch & Hedwig Fortunato
September 7, 2018

We appreciated very much that Brigittecould make it possible to arrange for a boat transfer to Siladen.

Jurgen Loeroesch & Colette Poulain
September 7, 2018