Banon & Kimberly: We have just completed our second trip to Lembeh Resort. Everyone here is amazing. The diving is the BEST of all the places we’ve ever seen. Opo & Fandy are great dive guides. Never a dull moment underwater. It was extra special to see Dimpy, Linda, Andre, Lovi, Ronald & Ivan again from our visit in 2008. We meet lots of new friends too, Aris was great with that awesome smile all the time. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip. Hope to be back soon.

Opo is awesome! Fandy was amazing !! Linda is always super nice & Dimpy is the most FUN in the office and underwater all business but fun. Kerri & Hergen run a tight ship. Aris is the hardest working hand on the island & Forny makes the perfect espresso. Benya keeps us in a straight line & Andris keeps the boat tidy on the Buyat run. Yori & Arno are always busy on shore. What a wonderful team & experience..oh, the diving is good too but you already know that if you are here!