From Bill Powers Group:
*Todd g
dear kerri, hergen, abner, helen and the rest of the lembeh resort crew — a huge thanks from beantown! as they say here in boston…..WICKED AWESOME resort – diving, service, lodging, personalities, food, weather, pool, critters, etc. etc.! many thanks for the wonderful experience and life long memories!

*Steve Murvine
We dove on the Marisa boat and Abner was the best guide I have ever had! He found critter after critter, and what he didn’t find Ronald did. This was a great experience!! I hope to be back next year.

*Michele Vinz
All of you have been wonderful. You made my visit here so special I want to return many times. This has been the trip of my life. Spectacular. Fun. Amazing. Comfortable. Easy. Smooth. Fantastic. Terima Kasih, Michele Vinz, Oceanside, CA

*Steve Fox
Joni Boy and Opo are #1 Dive Team. We had a blast and a night dive I’ll never forget. Unbelievable amount of critters these guys found! The trip of my lifetime!
-Steve Fox, San Diego, CA

*Audrey Huber
Joni and Opo found 7 wonderpus octopus, 2 mimics, 2 blue-rings, 2 coconut and several others. These guys rock!!! There were a fab crew!!! Great boat crew too!!!