Saeed Rashid- Group Leader: “Not sure it could be any better! Thank you”
Keith Wooly Woolgar: “The far east, a place I’ve always enjoyed and always find the people happy with their lives and work certainly been the case here at Lembeh.
A great trip with the start of hopefully many more underwater photo experiences and a great palce to start and learn.
Now back to the read sea and bigger stuff”

Melanie Thornton: “Nolfi- Brilliant guide”

John and Jennifer Rowney: “all the staff were brilliant, could not do enough for you. Thank you everyone!
all the guides, the boat staff and all the support team were fabulous. They all made our stay so enjoyable. We would like to know how they remember everyone’s names.
We have had a great time above and bellow the water. Thank you so much!”

Neil Kingston: “Maikel is excellent guide and critter finder for all dives.
Excellent facilities, guides, and sites made for an exceptional dive experience”

Jean Matthew: “To be honest everyone has been fantastic, sometimes overly attentive but that cant be negative counts! Loved you here, excellent and friendly resort”

Karen and Alex Woods: “Andi understood our way of diving. Yongki helped Karen beyond any call of duty.
Kit was always in the right place and the right moment”

Wiliam Clark: “Elbart-He understands the needs of high-end fotographers and does not rush his clients and find them excellent subjects and critters. Keep calm and muck dive on!”

Christine Williams: “Maikel- Great guide; very patient and caring.”

Andrew Miller: “Elbart, the dive guide- he worked hard to find the critters we had asked for, very relaxedto dive with and didn’t bang his tank once! A very enjoyable 10 days!”