Liz Glater: Boat crew are extremely attentive. Stop serving so much good food, Im going to get fat 🙂

Mike and Linda Esenbock: Helen always remembered us and our desire for no spicy food

Jim Wallace and Cindy Brown: Thank you for a wonderful week of diving. We really enjoyed Sandro as our dive guide. He was very knowledgeable and his critter sighting and list were so good! We really appreciated how polite and how helpful everyone was! `We will have lots of good memories of our time here! P.S. Congrats to Sandro and Lusy!
All the best- Cindy and Jim

Bill and Susan Dupont: The young man that helped on our boat did an awesome job.

Dale and Susan Bityk: Lauren- Calm demeanor and thorough explanations
Sandro- Best guide, attentive
Bram- Awesome boat driver
Vadly- Always helping with gear! Always!
Wonderful dive team! No improvement needed!