DREAM WEAVER group from Boulder,CO just had a great stay & fantastic diving with us.Below are some testimonial from the groups:

JANE STEINBRECKER (group leader):
Amazing critters-best night dive of my 28 years of diving
Thanks for sharing it all with me.
Looking forward to my return.

Wow! What an experience. This our 3rd visit to Lembeh and has been the best!
Gave you a 20 items wish list and saw “ALL” of it but one.
The divemasters are the BEST in tha world and we’ve seen a lot of divemaster in 25+ years of diving they went from spot to spot finding all the wish list items during our week hole.
Abner, Paulus, Ronald, Joni & Oxin are fantastic!

Terrific Experience, the dive organization was great and the divemasters are fantastic!
Our 1st “MUCK” experience & it is most unique.
The blue water day trip included some of the most beutiful dives we have ever dove. We highly recomended it if you have time to visit!

Thanks for EVERYTHING guys!