Joe & Evelin Nicklo: My fourth visit and in my estimation the best ever!The lodging, the food, the service, the entire operation was exceptional! I was especially impressed with the attentiveness of the dive guides and their critter finding ability! Having had a considerable amount of dive resort experience, I can truthfully say, “you are the best”! My appreciation goes out to the staff of Lembeh Resort and [email protected] dive service! Thank you Ray and Danny! We are already talking about our return trip to Lembeh Resort.
Charlie Waldon & Jan Baughman:
Guys. What a great time we had here. Super diving great food,terrific staff and awesome facility. We had a blast! Can’t wait till next year for all. It will be awesome. Thanks So Much!

Kandace & Jim Heimer:
What wonderful resort diving & dive operators the best organization in Se ASIA/Caribbean. The dive guides involve safety along with the pursued favorite creatures. Thanks so much for taking care of us, it was greatly appreciated it!

Jessie Cancelmo:
Dudes! We had fantastic time and lots of great images! I’ve always said that Lembeh Diving is most photo productive area in the world! Abner and guys were super! I (we) will definitely be back. PS: finally got my hairy frogfish. But still need yellow Rhinopias.

Christine Cancelmo:
As the snorkeler sp. in super divers,underwater photographers. I was treated as part of the group by the crew. they were so kind, considerate + polite& made me feel confer-table. And, I the all snorkeling spots saw so many fish, color sponges,corals, etc. I’ve never experience before. Like a postcard for snorkeling under here. PS: Loved your food & attentive staff.