Agus & Guntur were always there when need but not intrusive in any way. Quick to learn what i want to see.
The food was wonderful– a mix of Indonesian and Western European, attractively presented and with plenty of options to choose from. The staff members are friendly and cheerful, and all seem to know your name. My bungalow had an ocean view and was spacious and comfortable, with a large porch area and plenty of room. Diving: I like muck diving. Having done lots of that on previous trips, this time I spent most of my underwater time shore-diving on the Resort house reef. My personal project was to photograph as many fish species as possible — just on the house reef. I got over 300 species in this one, rather small area in 2 weeks, which is as many as one is likely to see in a lifetime of diving in Hawaii, where I live. Quite amazing. Oh, I should mention Sascha, the photo pro who saved me numerous times when equipment failed. And the excellent camera room. And the knowledgable dive guides who are ever so careful not to disturb the animals they find (unlike guides at some other resorts I have been to). The entire dive operation is obviously very well managed and everything related to diving went very smoothly. I particularly enjoyed that Lauren (the personable dive shop manager) and Sascha (the personable photo pro) ate most meals in the dining room and were completely available to guests for conversation and information. I could go on, but suffice it to say, if you want Lembeh diving at one of the higher end resorts in the area, you can’t go wrong with Lembeh Resort. 10 stars!