because it was already the 5th time in a couple of years I was visiting Lembeh Resort, I thought it would be nice to add a new-spot I am a real “critter-hunter” and my photography is mostly concentrated on that, for me it was a new challenge to go to the newly-discovered Buyat Bay.
Buyat Bay used to be an old gold-mining place, which devestated nature above the water as well as in the water (because of the waste going there). pictures and research show that in the last decades nature recovered.
I always like to listen to people’s stories and experiences on diveplaces, but for this place I had no opportunity. simply because I didn’t meet people who already were there.
so I was one of the pioneers for that place.

and although wide-angle sceneries do not always attract me that much (and that’s just a personal thing) I was really stunned by the beauty and health of the nature in Buyat Bay. the colours of the (soft- and hard)corals are really amazing, the visibility fantastic (apart from a few crittersites, but that’s what we are used to, aren’t we 😉 ) and fishlife abundant. honest? it made me remind of Egypt in the old days.
and what’s even better: you are almost the only one diving there. the first few days I was there alone with my diveguide. what more can you wish for as a diver?
there are even a few muck-sites. I didn’t have time to see them all, but one site gave us a view in a yellow seafan with 4 pygmy bargibanti, of which one was pregnant. and not shy at all.
don’t expect a luxurious place as lembeh resort to stay in. it’s basic. the rooms have a fan and ac, a veranda, double-bed, basic bathroom and some places to store your clothes and gear. it’s only a 5 minute walk to the “harbour” where your gear is already aboard. the only thing you have to take yourself is your camera. the place to eat and the food is very basic I must say. a little bit more variation would be welcome. but I’ve heard that’s being worked on ;-).
it gave me a fantastic opportunity to work on wide-angle shots. I’ve seen beautiful sceneries, cleaningstations with bowls of glassfish, leaffish in different colors, beautiful nightdives, amazing walls with healthy corals. table-corals as big as my room in lembeh resort ! big fields of staghorn coral, huge sponges and seafans. all in different colors.
I was pleasently surprised to see this so close (4 hour drive or 4 hours by boat) from lembeh strait.
I could recommend it to anyone who would like to see something different close to their favourite muck-place lembeh strait.