Our recent 12 day trip in February was our fourth visit back to Critters at Lembeh, formerly Lembeh Resort. A number of improvements were obvious from the start. The cottages have been updated with all new bedding and linen. The food in the past was acceptable for a dive resort, but this trip it was obvious their chef has been concentrating on pleasing guests with his best recipes. The food was excellent quality with varied options for each meal. A real plus when you need to eat all your meals at the resort. As usual the diving was excellent. It seems to only improve with each visit. The high points included: Blue Ring Octopus with eggs, Boxer Crabs, Hairy Frogfish, Mimic and Coconut Shell Octopus, mating Mandarinfish, Pygmy seahorses, multiple species of Frogfish and Cuttlefish, in addition to all the usual varied inhabitants that are too numerous to mention. Dive operation managers, Kerri Bingham and Hergen Spalink run a well organized shop, ideal for photographers needs. They assign an experienced dive guide to every three divers and the camera room is the largest and best equipped I’ve seen. Dimpy Jacobs, onsite marine biologist, shares her expertise with the guests.
For the past 19 years, we have been diving all over the world. The combination of Indonesian hospitality, superb accommodations, and excellent diving, makes this resort our favorite “muck diving” destination.
Nancy and Jack Malo